Where to get tested

Finding the test that's right for you

Today in Scotland there are lots of options for testing. Each one has benefits so, whichever one you choose, it’s about finding the test that’s right for you.


Here’s our quick guide to the options, including links to NHS testing services in your area. You can also find your nearest HIV and hepatitis testing services with HIV Scotland’s service finder and Hepatitis Scotland’s service finder.

Sexual health clinics

Sexual health clinics offer testing for the full range of sexually transmitted infections, HIV and hepatitis, and can advise you on a range of sexual health issues. Some of the benefits include:


  • Staffed by specialist sexual health clinicians who can help with symptoms as well as testing

  • Usually have access to rapid testing with results while you wait

  • Offer a mix of appointment and drop-in services through the week

  • Can refer you on to specialist services

Community testing

Community testing services offer access to hepatitis, HIV and STI testing in local settings such as community centres. Some of the benefits include:


  • You may feel more comfortable in non-clinical, familiar surroundings

  • Often provide drop-in clinics with no need for an appointment

  • Can refer you on to specialist services

GP surgery

You can access testing from your local GP surgery. Some of the benefits include:


  • Local to you, and more convenient if you don’t live near a sexual health clinic or community testing service

  • Can refer you on to specialist services


Although the results of any test through your GP are confidential, they will go on your medical records.

Home sampling​


It is now possible to test for HIV, chlamydia or gonorrhoea at home.


There are a couple of different options available; these are summarised below.


  • Home sampling kits ask you to post blood samples which are tested in a lab (HIV home tests are provided by the Terrence Higgins Trust Scotland).

  • Instant tests that give results while you wait at home can be ordered on the internet.


Home testing does not come with dedicated support. If you have had a positive test at home, don’t panic. Contact your local sexual health clinic or GP to confirm the diagnosis and discuss further.

NHS sexual health services

Across Scotland, local NHS health boards have responsibility for providing sexual health services. To find out more information about your local services, check your NHS board below:

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